Is it important to get a travel insurance?

My answer is yes but let’s take a minute of our time and find out what other people think. Travel insurance is worth every single cent that comes with it. Why do I say that? I once gathered the courage to talk to one of my favorite cousins on the relationship between travelling and a travel cover. Trust me I got some shocking details from her, I almost grabbed a cup of tea to try and relieve the chills that had popped up.

She said she doesn’t need one because what she does is travel light with stuff she can easily afford to replace. I was so shocked to get such details from her as I would put it, it is beyond any learned man’s thinking. I keep asking her about how many emergencies and evacuations she has heard since she started travelling not even born because I was pretty sure the debate had got hotter.

A travel insurance is a must have for anyone taking a trip or a vacay to any part of this world. There are many reasons as to why a travel insurance is important. I will do a brief discussion of a good reason with an example.

Imagine yourself on a trip of your lifetime to the sandy beaches in Zanzibar. Then, as you were swimming in the beaches uncertainty strikes. Unfortunately, you hit a coral reef and you need to be rushed to the hospital. Let’s assume you had planned for enough money for the trip with no extra cash and there some extra expenses came up. This is where the importance of a travel cover comes in, well, not all insurance covers cater for such. You need to get to the core of your cover details to be on the safe side.

Anyway, as I put it if you can’t afford a travel insurance then, you can’t afford to travel.



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