Destination Tanzania

Tanzania was voted the best safari country in Africa according to a recent poll that was conducted a few months ago. The poll crowned the East African country the king of safaris. Anyone looking for a place to go, Tanzania should be your holiday destination number one choice. Kenya offers chances to see big cats but you’d be best off selecting Tanzania, according to a recent poll. Tanzania is home to major tourists attractions from Serengeti National park to Ngorongoro crater. Let’s take a look at some of the most epic places to pay a visit.


Serengeti National Park

Nothing compares to seeing hundreds of wildebeest thundering by in unison across the plains. It brings a great feeling of appreciating nature and what the Supreme Being can do, in short it is just the experience.


Ngorongoro crater

At 16 kilometers in diameter and walls sweeping up some 700 metres, the crater offers a picture perfect backdrop to its wildlife residents. Picnic in the Ngorongoro crater, a home to 30,000 animals including the big fives. This world heritage site offers 100 square miles of stunning beauty, densely packed game in the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera. Aha! Not a bad spot for a burger.

 Mt Kilimanjaro

Well, you can imagine climbing the tallest mountain and the highest free standing in Africa. How epic would that be? It’s on the Tanzania side and, while it’s an epic feat endurance, you can reach the summit of the mountain without any technical training. It would only cost you some smart planning, a top notch climb team and an iron will to reach the roof of Africa.


Sandy beaches at the Tanzanian coast.

The warm climatic condition, the blue ocean with rhythmic waves and white sandy beaches is just what you need to treat your body and relax your mind. Here you can decide to go fishing, deep sea diving, surfing etc. These are good sporting activities that you definitely want to enjoy with your families and friends.


For anyone who thinks a holiday destination to Tanzania is all about open savannah, beaches and the Big Five, think again. The west of the shores of Lake Tanganyika and the mountain slopes of the Mahale National Park are home to one of the world’s most famous habituated groups of chimpanzees and for many, seeing our closest ancestors in the wild equates to a pretty much spiritual experience.

It is with no doubt that everyone should have Tanzania in their travel bucket list. I will leave my readers with that as we figure out our next destination in East Africa.


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