Exclusive ideas for an affordable holiday

One of the reasons why most people don’t go for vacations is because they have a mentality that going out for holidays is expensive and it is an activity only practical to the rich in the society. In real sense, vacations are very much affordable especially in East Africa. With me are a few ideas you can explore for unique affordable vacations

Joining up forces

This simply means you form a team of people and together raise a certain amount of money that will be enough for you to comfortably spend then go out together on a vacation. Not only will you have managed to easily come up with the finances needed but the more the people you experience holidays together with the more fun it becomes.

Saving up for a vacation

Saving is usually one of the best way to achieve something financially that you couldn’t at once. You can open up a savings account or just save in your own way till you are able to reach the particular amount of money that you need. Saving however requires a lot of self-discipline in order to achieve the intended goal.

Visit places that are pocket friendly

Go on a multi-billion dollar get away only if you can afford it. There is no point of going out and having fun only to come back and start battling with debts. The pressure you will get trying to settle your arrears will council out the relaxation you got. You can never miss something that is affordable and friendly to your pockets.

Research on the various companies offering affordable travel insurance instead of using thousands of dollars purchasing one yet there was a cheaper option.

Spend when it is necessary

Who said you have to pay for a very expensive hotel in order to visit the beach or have a taste of the tasty cuisine they have? There are public beaches which you can visit free of charge. You can also Google the recipes the chiefs in those luxurious hotels use and prepare your self-something mouthwatering.


Come up with your own vacation plans

This basically means come up with your own way of enjoying your holiday. You don’t have to visit the most expensive hotels or the most popular sites in East Africa to call it a vacation. Rather, you can call your family and friends for barbecue, relax and have fun. Come up with games to play or go watch an interesting movie at the cinema.

Use your holiday as an opportunity to give back to the society

Do the unexpected, be unique. Everyone will run to the beach, go visit wild animals, visit some amazing sceneries etc but won’t remember the less privileged in the society. You can choose to use the little you Have and make your vacation unique. Go visit the elderly, orphans or prisoners, interact with them and have fun. This will be relaxing and a source of joy not only to you but those you show kindness to as well.

Don’t choose to do what everyone does for their holidays. Be distinct and find other means to enjoy, relax and have a good time. Remember that u can have an amazing vacation without having to spend billions of dollar; work with what is pocket friendly to you.


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